Etroni - cup warmer with charging station

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Warm and load:

This cup warmer has a built-in charging module and a heating plate, which allows you to use both functions at the same time.

After plugging in the device and placing the cup on top, a green light comes on and your drink is heated to 55°C. You can simply place your smartphone on the engraved surface for fast cell phone charging.

The cup warmer is not only very practical and compatible, but also very safe. Intelligent temperature sensor, with temperature control chip and overheat protection, bring you comfortable enjoyment. The charging page also has a function that protects the smartphone from overcharging.

This cup warmer is completely waterproof. Any type of cup can be used. (glass, stainless steel, ceramics, etc. / except plastic)


Usage: constant warming for your cups & wireless charging for SmartPhones
Temperature: 55°C
Power: 5W
Dimension: 17.5x9.5x1.3 cm
Charging: USB

colour: Black