Etroni - LED humidifier

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Compact and effective:

The Etroni LED air humidifier uses polymer mist technology to disperse the moisture very well in the air without the table tops getting wet.

The spray volume of 35ml/hour ensures that you reach the required relative humidity as quickly as possible.

With a decibel level of less than 30db and without radioactive radiation and simulations, the product can be left switched on very flexibly even during sleep.

Ideal humidifier for individual large rooms, living room, bedroom, car, baby room , etc.


Working Current: 400mAh - 600mAh
Consumption power: 3W
Water tank capacity: 200ml
Charging time: 30 to 90 minutes
Usage time without USB connection: 6 to 8 hours
Power supply: USB charging
Size: 22cm x 7cm x 7cm
Colours: turquoise, dark blue, white, pink

colour: Turquoise