Etroni - Simple Blender

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One button & one display - it's that simple:

Simple operation, which works very well and without any problems. All you need is a button and a small display.

The Etroni - simple blender makes over 20,000 revolutions per minute and effortlessly crushes all the ingredients you feel like.

Cleaning is very easy and uncomplicated. Add a little soap and water and run the blender for 20 seconds.


If the mixer wants to inform you about something, you will see an indicator on the display. The following displays have this information:

- E1: The cup body is not installed
- E2: The mixer is idle
- E3: The battery is weak and needs to be recharged (as soon as below 15%)


Volume: 400ml
Revolution/torque: 20300 rpm
Battery: 3600mAh



colour: Pink