Etroni - SmartPhone timer box

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Self-discipline, to the SmartPhone side:

Ideal solution if you or your children get distracted by mobile phones too often and for too long. The size allows you to put in all cell phone variants. (Dimension = 20.5x9.5x2 cm)

The controls are very simple and self-explanatory. With the A button you switch on the screen, the time information, emergency locking and the study room mode.

The B button opens the storage box and cancels the set time.

The screen shows the time, the battery and the remaining time. The cell phone can also be charged at the same time through the box.

So you can see the box as a discipline box yourself during the learning phase or for your children and put your mobile phone aside without cheating.

Dimensions : outside = 20.5x9.5x2 cm / inside = 16.6x8.5x1.4 cm
(Your phone must be smaller than the inside dimensions)

Weight : 163g

Battery capacity: 300mAh
(The box must be charged for 1 hour every two months. A full charge lasts 60 days)

colour: Turquoise