Etroni - Super multi door lock with 5 openings

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The smartest lock system:

Very safe, simple, practical and versatile. You have the option of opening the lock using your smartphone, fingerprint, pin, smart card or wristband. With this lock you make your living very comfortable, fast and most importantly SECURE.

Control via the free app:

You can easily open the lock from the app without being near the lock. Despite your absence, you can release temporary codes from anywhere. You can specify how long the code should be valid. In urgent cases, you can allow others to access the apartment or room for a short time without a key. Control is in your hands Captain!

Fingerprint & Pin:

If you are right in front of the door anyway, you can very quickly and easily hold out your finger or enter the specified PIN.

Smart Cards & Bracelet:

You will receive five smart cards and a wristband for each lock. You or your visitors can use the cards or the bracelet very easily. All you have to do is hold out the cards or bracelet and walk in. (Hold the cards and bracelet at the height of the numbers. That is where the reading is located)

Your safety is important to us:

You can use the lock for one or more rooms where you want extremely reliable security. You can also use the lock for any application. (Entrance door, children's room, office, bedroom, garage door, attic, basement, etc.)


Material: zinc alloy
Dimension: 178x65x26mm
Weight: 2.1kg
Unlocking: App/Fingerprint/Password/Cards/Bracelet
Security keys: two mechanical security keys
System Support: IOS & Android
Power supply: 4x AA batteries
Battery life: can be unlocked 9000 times
Low battery alarm: after unlocking, a red light flashes for 10 seconds. After that, the lock needs new batteries and can be unlocked up to 50 times until it has completely run out of energy.
Working temperature: -30° to 65° C

colour: Black