Etroni - Digital Fingerprint Lock with Touch Screen & Pin

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Convenient, easy & safe:

This castle has it all! You can unlock by APP, fingerprint, or via a set pin.

If you are sitting on the couch at home or just don't feel like walking to the door but need to open the door for someone, you can now do it very quickly and easily using your smartphone.

When you are in front of the door, you no longer need to look for the key, as you can unlock the lock very conveniently using the fingerprint system or the specified pin.

The installation is very simple and easy to understand. You can simply download the APP for free. (supports IOS and Android devices)


Areas of application: doors (entrance door, children's room, office, bedroom, reduit, garage door, etc.)
Usage: mobile app / fingerprint (0.3 seconds responsive) / password
Use time: does not need power supply (can be used 8 million times)

colour: Black